Hello everyone, it's been quite a while since I updated you all through this thing, but again, hello!

Anyways, no more snoozing up, let's get dive into business.

Brand New Page

Yes, from the people that made Buy Me a Coffee (a.k.a this one), we have gotten an opportunity to make something from their new platform: Bio.Link.

This is something I am genuinely excited, and something we have never done for my brand/business, until now. A test version was made (on my Twitter btw) specifically for someone I wanted to help, but unfortunately, they did their own, and I would say I would wish them the best. (I am still gonna tease them with this now. XD)

Anyways, I recommend you go here or bio.link/ironofficial . We will be changing/updating stuff over time with this from across our platforms, and excited to support this platform the best I can.

iRon Update: Something to Know

The main brand (started on YouTube) has started one year ago (July 2020) during the height of the world craziness, and it goes back to what I still enjoy: gaming. But as you all know, I changed topic to topic, space to space. And I evolve (kind of) way much, spending breaks, not following my things, etc.

So, I had decided, I'm making changes.... (temporarily for the best, again).

But that will be ready this Friday, live on my YouTube channel. The feed (no LIVE chat mode) will be on my Bio.Link page at the same time with the same feed. No idea how am I going to do this, but I have to do it no matter what.

In fact, in all seriousness, I am currently working on some things planned, and I am talking about them on Friday.

But with that, I'm ending it here, excited for what's to come, and talk to you guys soon, or Friday for some things.

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