1. Flow - Detachment

Everyone matures at different speeds. Don't let sentiments or fear hold you back. Venture out and you will find others like you. Slowly start detaching.

2. Reality - Healing

When we finally see reality as it is, not only is it a shock to our system but it is also quite painful. Remember, everything that hurts will undergo healing and will be rebuilt.

3. Illusions - Emotions - Transformation

When we acknowledge and accept the illusions spun by ourselves or others for what they actually are, then we are ready to elevate to a higher level of existance. Only then can we be and feel liberated, just like the newly metamorphasized butterfly.

4. Cosmic Consciousness - Dialog

This new level of 'BEing' opens the door to understanding cosmic consciousness and that establishes a secure connection for dialog between us and Source and hence enable us to live a life under the protective guidance from Source.

Travel light and keep perspectives bright.

May you always have •clarity•courage•comfort•camaraderei•