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Cloud Architect • 2x AWS Certified • 5x Azure Certified • 2x Oracle Cloud Certified • MCP • .NET • Docker • Kubernetes • Terraform • Blogger • AWS Community Builder

Welcome to my BMC page.

I write about the things I do and love on Medium and share my technical knowledge and experience on AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, Terraform, .NET, DevOps, etc. I am sole author and writer of many publications. I post at least four technical articles once a month.

Author of LiteX NuGet packages. Created NuGet Packages for .NET 6.0 and ASP.NET Core Applications.  LiteX packages are modular and simple yet powerful and very high-performance projects that make developers' lives easier!

I love to contribute to open-source projects and study their source code. I am managing many POCs, Practice Labs, Demos, and
Samples, based on my experience and learnings!

I really enjoy sharing what I learn, but it's a big commitment. If you've found it useful and want to say thanks, I really appreciate you buying me a coffee!

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