How To Optimize Your Instagram Account” is one of the biggest questions asked by new upcoming creators. When we hear about optimization an image is created in our mind ” more professional way, more effective, more efficient”. likewise am talking about Instagram optimization through which your Instagram account will look more attractive, Which indirectly increases your account reach, discovery, engagement and etc.

So, Indirectly I have given you a hint that after the optimization your account will be more discovered, more followers, more reach, and more engagement rate. In this article, I will be sharing my own tips and tricks on ” How To Optimize Your Instagram Account “.

what type of account do you want to follow?

Let’s first talk about what type of account you want to follow? Ask this question to yourself this is where you will get the basic answers that are connected to further questions on how to make your account in a way you want to see by yourself if you would be an audience to your own IG account.

When I talk about professional IG Account. An image is made in your account where the account is having amazing-looking feed/posts. A well-maintained feed colors and design. RIGHT?. This is also the professionalism that attracts an audience. But think about what is real professionalism.

Ok, Forget everything if I would ask you to dress up in a professional way for a big events management meeting. Where people from different countries are going to come and will have a face to face chat with you. What will you do?. You will be wearing a brand new suit, you will add perfume to a good fragrance, you have a gentleman look in which you will be having groomed beard, hairs. You will be making yourself look more gentlemanly.

This is the same with your Instagram account where you will have to maintain your account and people from different countries are going to visit your Instagram profile. There are some things you should focus on which I will be discussing in this article and All these things I also learned from my failures, So let’s Dive into this article (“How To Optimize Your Instagram Account”).

Following are some of the things you should be focusing on. When you are focusing on building a personal/public brand on Instagram (For Instagram Growth):-


How To Optimize Your Instagram Account

The basic thing of your Instagram game is your account Username. This is the first thing you set when you are making your mind build a brand on Instagram.

So, let’s talk about

What is the username?

An Instagram username is the unique name all over the Instagram platform. It is like your identity on Instagram. With this Instagram username, people can find you on Instagram.

There are plenty of things you should take care of when setting up your Instagram username. These ways will help you to set a username in a professional way


Step To Set Professional Username

First of all, keep your distance from making that cheap username with fake names. I hate them really when I see usernames like that fake and cheap. This is the main reason people never follow them. Make your own standard.

  • The simple and most effective username is your own name.

  • Never use numbers, hash, dots (or) any special character in your username.

  • If your own name is not available on Instagram try to add nouns, verbs, or other letters.


Profile picture

How To Optimize Your Instagram Account

Like username, profile picture matters a lot when you are building a brand. For an individual, a profile picture is like a big company or brand logo. Which makes an image in their audience’s mind. So think about this, what people see’s to follow you through your profile picture. Obviously, a good picture/logo a story through that image (or) looks.

  • An image should be clear (Quality).

  • A good color balance.

  • If it is a text image(logo) text should be clearly visible to read.

  • A good background.



Let’s talk about Instagram bio. An Instagram bio is like a Resume. Through resume, the interviewer selects you if How To Optimize Your Instagram Account

you are compatible with companies requirement. Like that Instagram bio is the resume through which people will get to know about you in just 2-5 lines.

Now think, you have only 2-5 lines to make an image in your targeted audience’s mind through which they follow

you. So now let’s talk about how to create an audience-attracting bio.

  • Write your goals, vision, etc.

  • You can add your hobbies.

  • Service you provide to your audience.

  • How can you help them through social media?

  • Values that you will add to them.

  • How can you solve their problems?

  • Your contact info

  • Positions


 Feed Idea

How To Optimize Your Instagram Account

After setting up everything like Username, profile picture, and Bio it’s time to get started for the content game. To start with your content game you need to upload content to your Instagram profile feed.

Maintaining an Instagram feed is also important when playing this big Instagram content game. There are plenty of ways to maintaining an Instagram feed in respective to colors, categories, etc.

Now what that means, you can upload your content on the Instagram profile feed with pattern matching colors which makes your profile feed looks more professional and attractive. How can you use them?. Simple by using the background of your content.

For Example:- If you choose to set 2 colors on your Instagram feed like yellow and black. Then you can make patterns with these two colors.

It is not important to use only two colors in your Instagram profile feed. You can use as many as colors you want. Color just makes a good pattern nothing else. The main game is about the content.

Another way of maintaining your Instagram feed is by segregating your content into respective categories. Like all the fashion-related content is placed in the left column, informative content in the middle column, and entertainment content in the right column.

These are some of my ways to optimize your Instagram account in a professional way without using any 3rd party app. These are all the best ways that I personally still using them. These ways are really effective and the growth through this process can be seen. Use these ways to optimize your Instagram account in an organic way.


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