Hi Everyone!

Today, I thought why not make a post and share the FAQs and Perks which can make you understand better as to what are benefits of taking a membership as well as answer a few questions which may arise. So let's begin with perks.

  • A Special Role on Discord

  • Participate in Live Podcast(Coming Soon)

  • Member Only Posts

  • Member Only Giveaways

  • Member Only Rooms

  • Premium Music Bot - Discord

  • Special Access to Store - Coming Soon

  • Special Merchandise (hidden for public) - Coming Soon

  • Ability to collaborate

  • Opportunity to becoming an Affiliate

  • Member Early Sale - Coming Soon

  • Email Notification of new posts

Nows Let me answer a few of the questions!

What would you do with money you get from memberships?

I will use at least 70% of all earnings to create new content. I will also try my level best to give something back to the community. Maybe a Giveaway or contest. Become a member to check what's currently running.

Why are you charging in United States Dollars?

The prices and amounts are shown in USD to generate a common currency. You will be able to see the current charges you will incur in brackets( ) after conversion into your prefered currency. Visit your browser settings to change your prefered currency.

I won the membership but have got it credited. Please help!

First of all, Congratulations! You will be credited with membership on the email you shared while entering the contest. If you think there is a mistake, generate a ticket on Discord or email at [email protected]

I am already a member but it doesn't show up. what to do?

Hey, if you as logged In with the same account as you used to buy the membership, please contact the buymeacoffee team to help.

What are charges of using credit cards?

The charges vary based on the value of the payment. You can check the fees once you click pay, the real amount you have to pay will be reflected. Refer to the buymeacoffee Help section to know exact values.

For any other question or query feel free to comment.

And most importantly, Welcome on Board!