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We are a slow full time traveling family of 8! 2 adults, 3 kids, 2 dogs, and a cat.

We’ve started to slow travel in 2010 when we left Romania and moved to Portugal.

With three kids around, we think that TRAVEL IS EDUCATION… the rest is LOVE!

Gabi is a psychologist, entrepreneur, shoemaker attendant but most of all he is THE FATHER.

Lavinia is a photographer, visual artist, content producer and of course THE MOTHER.

Carla is 15 years old, she loves writing, drawing, editing videos, modeling, and acting.

Aris is 12 years old, he is a YouTuber. Check his work here: He likes surfing, photography, and drumming. He is an animal lover and activist. He believes that all the zoos should be shut down. He wants to encourage the parents to travel with their children and to visit the animals in their own habitat.

Ana is 9 years old, she likes to paint, play lego, and invent things. She also likes to talk about her theories about the Universe and life.

Oscar is a Golden Retriever born in Portugal. He loves to stay dirty, long walks on the beach and he loves to travel. He is a free dog!

Lady Piccolina is a Galgo Italiano born in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. She is a joy! She loves….lap sleeping, running fast (of course, she is a Galgo!) and raw meals!

Becka is a rescued black cat from Romania. Everybody believes that she belonged to Dracula in another dimension!

Our blog is about our family path of discovering the art of living!

I AM Family