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i am FAMIRA; creating a place for Modern Day Empresses to embrace her Soul Expression™

Heeeeeey Empress!

What is Soul Expression™️? It's the place where... Creative Innovation + Conscious Branding + Social Justice and Unrelenting Authenticity intersect.

I love connecting and supporting women that are Visionary, Multi-talented Entrepreneurial Women who know she has so much to offer the world.  I help them with managing all the pieces, to actually create coherency in her messaging, branding, and up-level her business through her story. In a way that makes you become magnetic and attracts soul clients, elevate impact, and create the income you knows you're meant to have. I want to help women move into the direction of dismantling this paradigm of branding. Loving to showcase women who aren't afraid to fight against the machine of the status quo!

So I'm totally honored that you want to help me keep going by buying me a cup of coffee (well tea in my case)!