I have created plenty of little spaces but I hope this will finally be the one I stick to and enjoy.

Just a little intro of myself! I am Janet Njenga. I am a life coach passionate about personal growth and development. I run a blog (infinitygrowthke.com) that focuses on giving you tips for your mind, body and soul wellness. All articles are written by me. I also have a podcast where I continue to share my message.

The reason I have created this little space is that I want to share my journey with you. At the very core, I am human. I make mistakes, I go through challenges, I have ups and downs just like you and I am not perfect. Sometimes I do forget how human I am and expect myself to be perfect - furthermore, I am a life coach right?

This little space will be a reminder to me that I am human. In this space, I will share with you some personal life stories, what I am going through, give you little life updates and build a community. This little space is a lifestyle focused 'mini-blog' about my life and the lessons I am learning.

Why pay?

By supporting me in this little space, you get access to what my day-to-day life really looks like. We get to learn together and support each other through our challenges. In addition, you get to support my work at Infinity Growth.

I have always loved to see or read the behind the scenes of other people. It always helps me to feel human and have a different perspective on things. This Little Space is my behind-the-scenes.

Once in a while, I will share posts about business, blogging, and other areas in my life. You will also get insight into some projects that I am working on for Infinity Growth.

You don't have to be a member! BUT, if you are a member you get access to a monthly zoom call and all my life updates!

Your support is highly appreciated!