Here are some stats from yesterday, the single largest spike of traffic in the history of GDN:

- After being mentioned on the SA homepage the GDN homepage went from a trickle of day-to-day traffic to serving over 71,000 requests over a 24-hour period!

- Almost 4,000 new goons authed for the first time, too, bringing the total number of people who've verified SA membership to just over 13,000.

- A ton of servers also experienced a massive influx of new users. My own Discord server, Nintengoons, grew over 35% overnight to finally cross the 1000 member mark.

It's bittersweet, really, as all of this traffic was due to a huge loss of confidence in the fate of the forums; I think a lot of the influx of new users was a bunch of us trying to remain connected to our friends and communities in the face of the potential loss of our communal home.

I'm an '07 and would like to see the forums turn things around because I believe it's still one of the best online communities I've ever participated in (maybe because I spend all of my time in SH/SC and CoC...) I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the community can leave the baggage behind and become an even better place for us all!