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A fierce believer in equality and defier of authority, Miss Kitty grew up a wild child of nature, predominantly in the southwest of England, France and Wales, although her first few years were spent on a 52 ft schooner, sailing around the Irish Sea. 

Nurtured from a young age on a diet of just about everything from Beethoven to New Orleans Trad Jazz, Bob Marley, The Band, The Beach Boys and Ewan MacColl, it’s no wonder that Miss Kitty’s music creates such a rich tapestry of sounds. 

With encouragement from her musical and artistic family, she began playing piano at age 6 and clarinet soon after, which led her to become a frequent guest player in her dad’s (Martin Bennett) various jazz bands, sitting beside the senior reed players and learning how to improvise a melody over a chord sequence on the spot. 

As a teenager she became heavily influenced by Garbage, Nirvana, Skunk Anansie, Tracy Chapman and Alanis Morissette and began writing songs on guitar and singing in bands. Her rock n roll dreams were officially ignited and at 15 she walked out of school and never looked back.

Since that day, life has been a series of musical adventures, including night-busking for tourists and winning a battle of the bands in Newquay, obtaining a degree in Music Practice at UEA, Norwich, spending two years in a cabin in south Wales with nothing but candlelight and an upright piano and performing all over the UK and US with the folk-pop band Wildflowers on keys and backing vocals. Her adventure-filled life has provided her with endless anecdotes and inspiration for what is now a phenomenal back catalogue of songs, a selection of which have finally seen the light of day. 

Her debut album Kiss & Tell is the first offering in the shape of a 12-track album, and demonstrates her immense songwriting talent, her love of harmonies and captivating lyrical ability.  It’s a completely independent DIY project, with everything bar the drums being recorded in her house in north Bristol where the mixing and mastering process also took place.

She is currently working on her second album, and has created her own Miss Kitty VIP universe where fans can subscribe and connect with her, whilst being treated to exclusive performance videos, chats and much more.