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TKF (The King Free) here,

Hi everyone, thank you for checking out my Buy Me A Coffee. After increased interest in increasing the consistency of my social media content, I'm turning to you the fans of TKF, The JA Art Community Art Business Talk live stream, or even of the man behind the art persona to help support me in these goals. A lot goes into the creation of the works you see on my social media and website and even more into any additional content and projects I provide to give value back into the community but I'd love to provide even more.

All subscriptions and support will go towards supporting the ability of TKF to create and share both personal works and entertaining and educational content intended to give back to the art community including the return of my baby the 'Art Business Talk' live stream where I teach Jamaican-originating and other visual creatives from the African Diaspora about the business side of being a professional artist and interview existing Jamaican industry professionals such as Richard Nattoo (Watercolor & Glass fine artist) and Cajun Hylton (Lead Modeller for Weta Digital (Digital Visual FX)).

All subscriptions come with their own perks, a secret surprise immediately upon sign up and potential bonus gifts, so don't be shy and let's build the TKF art community together.