Hey Everyone,

The King Free here. We have now hit our second target milestone of 10 subscribers. I'll be honest, I did not expect as much support as I've gotten, in these 2 weeks even on the one-time support level. I find myself repeatedly humbled and blessed to have such supportive friends and community (both old and new).

We are 5% of the way of hitting our target monthly subscriber rate of $2000 which will go into:

  • supporting me in my pursuit to continue learning, experimenting, creating amazing art.

  • sharing content about my life and thoughts as an artist and entrepeneur

  • teaching about art growth and self-development via my usual social media networks,

  • producing the return of my Art Business Talk Livestream where I teach artists about the business side of being a professional artist and where I interview Jamaican-born visual creatives in every industry from fine arts to comics to blockbuster movie special effects art.

  • Designing and making custom merch for fans and supporters at all levels.

Now as a special thank you to my subscribers, I am offering a First 10 Subs Bonus Gift which they have been made aware of upon subscribing along with the mystery tier story they received. (3 tiers have been unlocked and 3 more remain to be seen.) For everyone else, don't be disheartened. There will be more occasional bonuses that I've got planned so look forward to it.

Lastly, for all subscribers in Liberation tier and above, get ready to exercise your earned voting perk because we got our first big decision coming up and I'm going to need your help.

With all that I hope everyone is having a great week in your own journey to grasp your own definitions of freedom and I'll talk to you all soon.

That's all for now Snowbirds