If you're like me, you like your images to have a tidiness to them. You know -- things are in focus, properly exposed, the subject is clearly identifiable, horizons are level -- that sort of thing. In fact, I might even say that I like that TOO much, at least for my own good. But I know that sometimes it's a good idea to step away from your habits, and try something a little different. Like chaos.

The image included in this post was taken in a street market in Beijing, China. Although it could have been taken anywhere, as market stalls like this can be found all over the world. The photo is not quite like most of my other images that feature strong central subjects or bold solid colours. This image is like a smorgasbord of everything all in one photo.

What caught my eye when I encountered this souvenir stand was just how much stuff was available to buy. I stood there staring at all the souvenirs for a long time, trying to take it all in. There was just so much stuff. So naturally, I HAD to photograph it -- for two reasons.

First, it would allow me to study the content more each time I looked at the photo. I still enjoy looking at this photo. And second, I want photos in my portfolio that people want look at for a long time. After all, isn't that what we want our viewers to do when they see our photos? Don't we want them to look at them and get lost in the image?

Over the years, I've gotten into the habit of stopping at scenes like this wherever I travel. The way I see it, is if my attention is held for a long time in a location, then maybe it's something I should photograph. If it holds my attention, it just may hold other people's attention too.

What grabs your attention?