Why do I need CCNP certification?

The CCNP certification is a Cisco professional qualification, which stands for Cisco Certified Network Professional. It is the most sought-after qualification for network professionals who want to start a lucrative career in CCNP Training in Dubai. This certification is commonly pursued by CCNAs who want to upgrade their skills and demonstrate their proficiency in advanced networking concepts.

Earning this certification validates the expert's experience in designing, implementing, managing and troubleshooting local and wide area networks in an enterprise environment. It also provides the knowledge to collaborate with other professionals to manage wireless, voice, video and security solutions.

Who can achieve the CCNP certification?

The CCNP certification is for professionals with 1 year or more of experience in enterprise network management who are now ready to take the next step and move on to more advanced networking tasks. Professionals with CCNA certification often move on to CCNP to broaden their scope and professional profile.

Career path after the CCNP course

Professions such as network engineers, network technicians, systems engineers, and support engineers can broaden their horizons by taking this networking certification. The CCNP Routing and Switching v2 course provides the necessary foundation for managing not only physical networks but also the virtual networks of the future.

The professional benefits of this course are

In addition to increasing knowledge and technical skills, the CCNP Routing and Switching certification increases an individual's chances of employment by adding a credible certificate to their profile. Organizations pay attention to Cisco certifications and, therefore, hire professionals with these credible credentials. The average annual salary of a CCNP is around $117,000.

CCNP training objectives

By enrolling in the CCNP certification courses, you will be able to learn the following topics:

- CISCO IP routing application

- Cisco Cisco IP Switched Network Application

Gaining knowledge in all of these areas and passing three exams related to each of these topics will qualify you for CCNP certification.

Why CCNP training

CCNP training includes three exams that you must pass to become certified.

Exam: 300-101 ROUTE

Training Module: Cisco IP Routing Application (ROUTE)

Exam: 300-115 SWITCH

Training Module: Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks (SWITCH)

Exam: 300-135 TSHOOT

Training Module: Troubleshooting and Maintenance of Cisco IP Networks (TSHOOT).

CCNP training at an authorized training center ensures that the knowledge gained is never wasted. Various training centers offer packages that include exams, study materials and lab exercises, with online labs and extensive live hands-on training.

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