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Keeping an anaesthesia logbook is compulsory in many countries. Unfortunately, there aren't many user-friendly logbooks out there.

Most are designed for either Android or iPhones. Others tend to be web based and don't work offline. There are even logbooks that just stop working. A lot of trainees lost all their cases when iGasLog broke following an iPhone update.

I decided I would try and do something to help. Back in August 2018, I released a Progressive Web App which combines the best of native apps and the web. It works offline, runs on all modern devices, and even links your cases to relevant journal articles. As it's based on web technology, updates to your phone won't break the app. Websites created 20 years ago still work today. The same will be true for the AnaestheticsApp Logbook in 2040!

If you like the app, please consider supporting it by buying us a coffee, or even better, by becoming a member. All donations will be used to improve the logbook.

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Thanks! Really appreciate this and all your work