The floodlights were on from the start of the game at Keighley Rugby Club. With a kick off at 3 it wouldn’t be too long before night descended but it had been pretty gloomy for most of the day anyway so we hardly noticed the difference.

Yorkshire began well; a couple of attacks and then two penalties kicked successfully before Sale had chance to draw breath. Then it got even better as the home side drove over for a try. Though the visitors mounted something of a recovery, Yorkshire were still ahead at half time.

In the first forty ickledot had a clear view of the impressive electronic scoreboard at the other end of the field. However, in the second half, at the clubhouse end, his view of the score was obscured by an impressive new balcony. Yorkshire definitely scored a second try (above) but Sale were clearly recovering.

Near the end of the game it was difficult to see from expressions or body language whether they had caught up or gone ahead as both sides continued to play with determination and passion. However, at the final whistle it was clear that the visitors had gained a deserved victory. Well done to Sale. Yorkshire should be proud of the fact that they had contested throughout to create a close contest.

You can see more pictures from the game here. They are a bit dark and gloomy though. It was a dark and gloomy day!