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I am buying you a HOT CHOCOLATE with EXTRA WHIP CREAM to have you feel like you are a happy little boy again. I am willing to offer that just because you showed me this app for 'BUY ME A COFFEE' that I have never seen and it is sooo cool, and friendly way of in-kind transaction giving. THANKS DON THE IDEA GUY!

Vic Chiasson bought 5 coffees.

Thank you for the generous contribution to the coffee fund — now I can get the good stuff! ☕️ 

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Don't stop. You and your ideas matter.

Thanks, Vince — really appreciate the words of encouragement (and the coffee!)

BMC Crew
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Hope you like the app 🎁

Thank you! Logged into the beta right now. :)

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It's been way too long since you had a coffee!