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Skyrim - Idrinth's Tweaks

Jul 29, 2021

I have released three mods for Skyrim Special Edition, that enhance the roleplay experience in different ways.


Genders is a small mod, that adjusts the actor's performance slightly, depending on if they are male or female.

To represent the relative lower maximum strength, females have a boost in magic powers, while having slightly less hard hitting attacks, especially with twohanded weapons.

Dragon Souls

Dragon Souls is a small mod, that gives dragon souls a reason to be collected, even if you don't need them for shouts.

It gives a tiny passive bonus based on the amount of dragon souls currently unused, that affects all combat abilities but especially magic.


Beginnings is a small mod, that allows for some background story for your dragonborn.

Pick one of the childhoods, one of the war occupations and one of the travel to Skyrim reasons to start your character with some simple gear and a few small benefits.

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