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Hello from Vancouver Island BC Canada!

I'm Brandon. :]

I founded IE Media in 2000. It originally began as InQuest Entertainment. If you visit the Way Back Machine you'll find small snippets that still exist. Not much to see but it's neat to go back 20 years before family & kids took over.

InQuest Entertainment was a website link archive rooted in Space, Science & Technology, suitable for all ages. Back in the day the NASA website didn't have much content so I decided to make my own portal.


2000 Someone found InQuest and ended up hiring me to create graphics for his sites. He turned out to be a known internet traffic broker and paid a salary far greater than any job I ever had in the real world. The difference between working at home raising our girls earning $100 US per day ($160 CAD) designing banner graphics to min wage in Canada year 2000.. ha ha.

I went from mopping floors to working for a power player on the internet and at the age of 26 that was exciting, on a 28k dial up modem, that used the same phone line for the front door buzzer of our apartment building, with 2 other roommates coming and going every hour of the day. The internet was the slowest wild west in history so being a part of this unknown digital world called the internet appealed to me greatly, still does.

My internet 'boss' was the CEO of as well. was the most visited website on Earth during that time period so I quickly learned the power of internet traffic when it comes to sales & marketing.

It was his unique interest in InQuest that got me thinking about building a long term internet brand. All I knew back then was.. 'build something'.

New online opportunities also came into existence, such as freelance platforms, so I began offering my web services for dirt cheap while running my overpriced competition out of town. I got good and stuck with it while building IE Media. Watching the internet grow was an exciting life chapter. I think I came along at the right time because observing the internet evolve, while raising two girls, has been an amazing ride.

2002 I briefly worked for Space Island Group. I assisted them with 3D artwork showcasing concepts for converting used shuttle fuel tanks into a floating space hotel franchise. Their ambitions slowly faded when bigger players stepped into the arena, like Elon Musk, and others.

2003-2009 I tried different iterations of what IE Media could be. Blog, Forum, Webcams, Science Store, Social Network. They all 'worked', but I got bored. I feel IE Media has the potential to offer more long term value without turning the IE brand into something that can be controlled by more powerful information gatekeepers. I ain't playing that game.

2009 I pivoted to IE Media News.

2009-2020 I archived all content to Twitter. Yes, Twitter. In 2009 Twitter wasn't the political echo chamber it is today. I just wanted free hosting.

*Look for 'IE Media Feed' in the IE Media Explore menu to deep dive 10 years of cool family friendly IE Media science content, on Twitter...

2021 I'm currently designing a mobile/desktop app for IE. I'm at a point in the road where I have to begin hiring more experienced coders. It's really that simple. Local rates are $80-$120 p/h, and that's just for a working prototype for one O/S. I've developed many applications hiring coders on freelance platforms, but this project needs to be home grown due to its uniqueness. I'm also trying my hardest to keep my intellectual property out of view from Google and Facebook. They will crush me before I'm even out of the gate. Already made that mistake once.

First I'll be rolling out a desktop extension version which I'm funding on my own. Cost $3000. Budget for mobile development $200k and up.

Long story short... Now that IE is an established online presence I'd like to take on new micro investors before I engage KickStarter and push this the finish line. It's actually a pretty big project and I need the funds to get stuff done in small chunks.

I've invested 20 years shaping the heart of IE Media, hard part is done. I'm now building a mobile software application with desktop browser extension access. Not another social network. A real-world application that solves a common global problem. Fake news. It's taken 10 years of brainstorming and I believe now is the time to make it happen.

I'm picky, but will you be my next IE Media Sponsor?

I'm also working on another mobile product patent, not connected to IE Media in any way. Launching a KickStarter summer 2021. A real product you can purchase for your phone. Micro invest in IE Media and you'll get inside access to that cool project as well.

I've created new website real estate with a maximum of 10 Top IE Sponsor slides on *Make sure to check out IE Media on desktop for a better experience.

$1000 Contribution

- Top sponsor slide on IE Media for 5 years.

- Link to your Twitter or flagship website.

- Co-developer credit on the IE app.

- Free IE Media T-Shirt.

- Free I Want to BelieɅe T-Shirt

- Your link in the IE Media tag cloud.

- Thank you phone call from me.

$500 Contribution

- Mention in the IE app 'About Us' section.

- Free IE Media T-Shirt.

- Free I Want to BelieɅe T-Shirt

- Your link in the IE Media tag cloud.

- Thank you phone call from me.

* Sorry. Mean sounding disclaimer ahead. I reserve the right to decline sponsorship if I feel your brand is not a good fit for IE Media. All micro investments are handled by my oldest daughter. She takes care of everything money related, in case I get hit by an asteroid.

I look forward to connecting with you!

Brandon Lee / Founder