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Hello from Vancouver Island BC Canada!

I'm Brandon. :]

I founded IE Media in 2000. It originally began as InQuest Entertainment. If you visit the Way Back Machine you'll find small snippets that still exist. Not much to see but it's neat to go back 20 years before family & kids took over.

InQuest Entertainment was a website link archive rooted in Space, Science & Technology, suitable for all ages. Back in the day the NASA website didn't have much content so I decided to make my own portal for others to visit.

My online journey actually started in 1999 when a friend gave me a free copy of Adobe Photoshop. We just bought our first computer and with the internet getting started learning how to design graphics, building websites was the inspiration that motivated me night after night.

I went from your typical middle age '20 something' daydreamer, not really knowing what to do in life to knowing exactly everything I needed to do. I can't explain my life changing jolt of motivation to someone with hopes they'll understand. I've lost friends and family members due to my insatiable desire to make the internet better.

I have no delusions of grandeur. Perfectly sane. Building online just makes me happy. If you enjoy IE awesome! If you don't.. awesome! I do this for me, my sanity, my reality. I don't care about credit. Means nothing. Zero desire for fame, followers or fortune. I do not want to live in a world of people that know nothing other than how many likes their selfies get. That includes our own kids. Cheesy? Probably. True? Yep!


2000 Someone found InQuest and ended up hiring me to create graphics for his websites. He turned out to be a major internet traffic broker and paid me salary far greater than any job I ever had. The difference between working at home raising kids earning $100US+ a day designing graphics to min wage in Canada was pretty obvious. I be making graphics!

He was also the CEO of as well as 100's of other high traffic properties. was the most visited website on Earth during that time period. It was his unique interest in IE that got me thinking about building a long term brand.

2003-2009 I tried different iterations of what IE Media could be. Blog, Forum, Webcams, Science Store, Social Network. I've always felt IE Media has much more potential.

2009 I pivoted to IE Media News.

2009-2020 I archived all content to Twitter. Look for IE Media Feed in the Main Menu to deep dive 10 years of cool family friendly science stuff.

*It doesn't matter what side of the political spectrum you sit. Twitter, Google, YouTube are incredibly well built platforms. Those at the top that feel censorship is appropriate are within their right as private companies to enforce whatever rules they wish. Is it 'unfair'? Yes, but it doesn't take away the fact they are great tools, created by coders... not CEO's.

Because 10 years of IE content resides on Twitter I'm stuck in a sense that I cannot post there anymore. I believe in freedom of speech. They do not, therefore I have no interest in building on their platform. If and when they change their policy, or new management is installed that allows freedom of speech I will return to Twitter.

2021 I'm currently designing a mobile app for IE. I've created something totally unique but I'm at a point in the road where I have to begin hiring more experienced coders. It's really that simple. Local rates are $80-$120 p/h, and that's just for a working prototype for one O/S. First we'll be rolling out a desktop version which I'm funding on my own. The budget for mobile development will top out at around $200k.

If you truly love IE Media imagine what I can design & build with $200,000.

Long story short... Now that IE is an established online presence I'd like to take on new investors & contributors before I engage KickStarter and push this the finish line. I don't want to do it alone and every dollar counts, especially during this pandemic. It's a very big project.

To give you an idea on the process of developing a complex mobile app visit this link to learn more. As you can see it's an incredibly intricate and time consuming process, but with the right people (which I have), groundbreaking concept (which I have), & budget (which I don't have) anything is possible.

I've invested 20 years shaping the heart of IE Media, the hard part is done. I am building a mobile software application. Not a news  blog, not a social network. A real-world application that solves a problem. It's taken 10 years of brainstorming and I believe now is the time to make it happen.

Will you be my next IE Media Sponsor?

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*Make sure to check out IE Media on desktop for a better experience!

$1000 Contribution

- Top sponsor slide on IE Media for 5 years.

- Link to your Twitter or flagship website.

- Co-developer credit on the IE app.

- Free IE Media T-Shirt.

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- Your link in the IE Media tag cloud.

- Thank you phone call from me.

$500 Contribution

- Mention in the IE app 'About Us' section.

- Free IE Media T-Shirt.

- Free I Want to BelieɅe T-Shirt

- Your link in the IE Media tag cloud.

- Thank you phone call from me.


KickStarter is for the IE app. Contributors will get a first updates before campaign launch to give a clear outline of what I'm building for mobile.

As you can see I'm in no rush. IE Media is a passion project that has long term potential. That how I see it. That said, provisional patents are time based. As soon as they're acquired we only have a small window of time to raise capital on KickStarter. As soon as everything is official with the patents the next step is KickStarter, so until then I'm looking for micro investors here.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Thanks for visiting & Happy New Year!

Brandon Lee / Founder


I earn a living providing tech support for people that operate WordPress powered websites. As a WordPress freelancer past 16 years I get paid to fix databases, plug-ins, themes. Lately I've been doing overhauls and assisting my oldest daughter with her video marketing startup.

If by chance you're seeking a tech for hire I maintain a private freelance section on IE Media where you can review & purchase my WordPress/Ecom services. Open CHAT HERE and tell me about your website!

20 year member of PayPal.

Not one complaint to date.