An Overview

In the present scenario, everything has been changed completely. People are moving towards a new normal in their day to day lifestyle. During this pandemic, many people have lost their job and didn’t find the correct way to again get back into their field, but there are always opportunities open for each and every one of us. The IT industry has provided a great platform for the one who wants to be in this field and for those who are qualified enough but didn’t know what to do next.

You are in the right place; here all your points will get covered. Before getting into this let’s understand the meaning of DevOps; it is a set of practices that includes two key elements in the organization i.e. Development and Operation.

Current situation of IT organizations explains DevOps engineers is one of high demand in the market. According to the statistics, the demand for DevOps engineers has raised by approximately 40-50%. DevOps course requires a lot of skills, in-depth knowledge, and appropriate experience to be a professionalized one. There is no doubt that DevOps is ruling the IT industry.

Who is DevOps Engineer?

DevOps engineer is an IT professional who generally works with system operators, software developers, and admins. They come up with elemental characteristics that include the potential to code, data management skills, strong focus on business as well.

DevOps engineer is the one who expresses interest, comfort working with frequent, gradual code testing, and implementation.

Features of DevOps engineer

  • Expertise in coding, scripting, and implementation.

  • Meet a vast range of open source tools and techniques.

  • Broad knowledge about a system administrator and roles of Ops.

  • Experience in DevOps automation.

  • Basic knowledge of several programming languages.

  • A forward thinker with the capacity to connect with technical and business goals.

  • Experience in continuous integration, delivery and deployment.

  • Wide knowledge about the industry’s implementation in DevOps solution group collaboration.

  • Good perception of the agile methodology of project management.

What exactly DevOps Engineer do?

There are various responsibilities which are assigned to a DevOps engineer such as: -

  • Designing and managing infrastructure: - responsible to search how one can improve the collaboration and eventually, get releases to the market quickly.

  • Project management: - DevOps engineer take a lead handling the when, where, who, and how of an IT project.

  • Testing performance and benchmarking: - calculating how good and reliable the system work is a major part of DevOps engineer day- to- day responsibilities.

  • Automation: - DevOps engineer major part is to decrease spent hours by automating and building software.

  • Monitoring and reporting: - one of the important roles played by DevOps engineer is to provide feedback from management to decrease time to detect (TTD) errors and time to minimize (TTM).

  • Optimizing release cycle: - introduce new ways of moving the process.

  • Security: - set of practices are aimed at charging security central to all DevOps processes.


Skills required becoming a DevOps engineer

There are several kinds of skills required to be a good DevOps Engineer such as: -

  • A system administration with visualization experience

  • Solution architect role

  • A passionate programmer and API expertise

  • Integration skill set around CI-CD tools

  • Bigger picture and customer focus


List of tools and technologies

  • Continuous integration (like Jenkins, Bamboo, VSTS)

  • Source control(like git, bitbucket, SVN, VSTS, etc)

  • Container concept (LXD, Docker)

  • Infrastructure Automation (like Puppet, Chef, Ansible)

  • Deployment Automation & Orchestration (like Jenkins, VSTS, Octopus Deploy)

  • Orchestration (Kubernetes, Mesos, Swarm)

  • Cloud (like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Openstack)

DevOps Course Certification

There are so many job opportunities for the ones who are in this field and DevOps professionals are very high in demand. The certification of the DevOps course could make it better and easier for the person who is perusing in this field, with the certification they can have a great future ahead and it put a good impression on the organization. Completion of the certificate will provide values to the IT professional and helpful in their career prospects for the betterment of life. For the certification, one can do it through DevOps training online.


Hope this article answered all your questions and queries. DevOps course is a medium through which one can have better job opportunities, through that they can improve their skills and knowledge, the salary package is introduced according to the work and generally, the stipend provided in this field is very good, and the DevOps course increase productivity and effectiveness.

Now it’s your turn to showcase your talent in front of everybody and shine like a star. Just get yourself ready to become a high profile DevOps Engineer.

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