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My name is Ignacio, I am a micropreneur, senior developer, composer and digital nomad, currently traveling the world with my partner.

I am the founder of Digital Leaves -a software development company- and Your Company In Estonia -the solution for location independent entrepreneurs to launch and run a business completely online-.

I am also a senior freelance developer, minimalist composer, and blogger. I write regularly about entrepreneurship, the digital nomad lifestyle and the e-Residency program of Estonia.

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I love your honest and personal style, and Bulgaria as well (Coworking Bansko) 😊 Cheers from Crete.

Thank you! If you ever visit the capital, let me know!

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Wout Brabant
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I learned a lot by reading your blogs. Keep up the good work.

Dear Wout, thank you very much for your words and contribution. I will definitely keep on writing. It is a pleasure to know that my blog has value.

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Hi Ignacio, I'm looking for a country with moderate taxation (I'm a EU citizen and IT freelancer/entrepreneur). I was attracted to Romania's 10%, but later realized their soc. sec. has no cap. Can you give me a direction?

Jakub Kukul
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