Buy Igor Jasinski a matcha.


Hey, my name is Igor and I live in Brussels, Belgium. I am a clothes designer and I also make videos in my free time. I also really enjoying explaining concepts to others. 

I find the fashion industry fascinating and have been researching it for many years. As a designer, I had always heard about technical drawings and complicated trend-analysis and was interested in learning how to apply my teaching skills to the fashion industry. However, what I found is that not many people were explaining how to do this. Most of the material seemed to be in dry textbooks with no real-world insights. The communities I found online were generally unexistant and very obscure, very hard to grasp for beginners.

I started learning more about the latest fabric's trends, platforms, and courses available for learning about fashion design. I then plan to start creating educational videos on YouTube. 

By request, I have created this page to allow viewers who find value in what I'm doing the ability to buy me a drink. I prefer matcha tea :).