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I'm a writer, brand consultant, and growing techie. I've been freelancing for nearly 5 years now and looking to grow as a software engineer.


Hi everyone! I’m Diarte Jeffcoat and this is my BMC page!

I’ve been writing and doing freelance consulting with brands for nearly 5 years. However, I’m someone who always loves growing and developing to evolve myself into something more.

This year, I started studying the tech world and coding and it really brought a passion inside me like never before. Now I want everyone to follow me on my learning experience into the tech world!

I’m attending Kenzie Academy for Software Engineering and will share my experience with all of you. Come join me and experience all the ups and downs of the rise of a software engineer!

Also if you like my content, please consider buying me a coffee. It would mean the world to receive your support in my journey!

Thank you for your support!