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I collect and stream documentaries. No pseudo-science, religion or aliens. Only good, scientific-based content.

Alessia Nadia Lucas
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Thank you so much for this I LOVE animal documentaries but I don't have access to a lot of them in my country but now I can sit back, relax, and watch some whenever I want <3

Thanks Alessia! I get you've watched Planet Earth II 'zounds of times already😘 

Avinash Rajendra Prasad
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Thanks for making all of these videos freely available. They are informative and definitely, well curated. 

Thanks Avinash!

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Thank you so much for making the doco Life on Us freely available! Right now this doco couldn’t be more important for everyone on earth to watch so they can understand our symbiotic relationship with microbes. We coevolved together and we wouldn’t be here without them. 8% of our DNA is derived from viruses! Thanks again! 

YES =) And the research in this domain is in its beginnings. We now know that the microbiome has a lot impact on us, but we haven't yet pinpointed all the applications yet.

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thanks for cosmos!

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