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With your help, I will keep alive and updated!

I collect and stream documentaries. No pseudo-science, religion or aliens. Only good, scientific-based content.

Jason Loughead
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Love your commitment to science. Keep up the good work!

Yep, I'm trying to promote independent thought and a skeptic take on the world. As a coincidence, today my daugher asked me why I am against religion, why I don't just let people be, why I am so commited to science. Because, I told her, religion discourages independent thought, it's divisive and it could be dangerous. Science is the single way to our progress, as a species. We have this SMALL planet, it's a spaceship going around this star, we're its crew and we have to take care of it. SCIENCE FTW.

Charlie Chodorowski
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Keeping science alive in a demon- haunted world!

Well said!

Nathalie Punsar
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Thanks, Nathalie!

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