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As HUNTERS we believe hunting and conservation is not about killing. It's about living! For myself, hunting is a much more sustainable way of living rather than mass production. The majority of what we hunt is feral or invasive species so whilst removing them from the environment they are damaging, we also get to provide food for my family and friends.

We understand its a huge responsibility to look after our environment understanding that we cannot fix it, but we can manage it. We also believe to make change we must lead by example and don't hate but EDUCATE!
Bradley cox
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theres 5 foxes covered for whrn you hit vic around april?

Tyler Graham/Monica Van Kampen
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I’ll be honest, this is on behalf of my Tyler graham that I send this.. I am his fiancé, you made his whole year when he recieved the buffalo head.. it’s been a shit year, he is in between jobs and we are expecting another child and he is stressed.. you take his mind off all the stresses of day to day.. you are the legend. Have a great new year and we look forward to buying more coffees to help go towards your 2021 hunting adventures (: 

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Nigel Allen
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