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I am fantasy artist from Naantali and I create my works as ecological as possible!🍃 I invent all the time solutions in my works and methods. I use mostly recycled paper and I finish my works by my own invented meticulous technique. I am my fields desirable specialist and my work I do with using feelings/situations as a fuel.

I do little bit distinct art, that you do not see every day. Sculptures and 3D- canvas art is my area☺
All frames in my arts I have invented in the beginning, by my own handcraft and labour😊

Real certificate, with my sigil and signature comes with every piece of my art!⚜️

In every works backstory be based on real life.

"Do not let your dreams to be just dreams, Talk from it, see from it, hear from it and be it"- @ikiartmalefica.
Facebook: Iki Art Malefica
Instagram: @ikiartmalefica