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I changed my life and moved from Hungary to the island of Crete in Greece over 8 years ago to live life more fully, embrace plant wisdom, and engage on a Path of supporting others transforming their lives.

I love sharing inspiring real-life stories from my beloved Mediterranean island. Often profound and metaphoric, yet very hands-on and practical with new perspectives and a holistic approach to life to ignite change, personal empowerment and life transformation.

My longer pieces are collected on my blog Essential Reflections, and you can follow my regular posts on Facebook and Instagram. I am also a regular contributing writer at Aromatika Magazine. If that was not enough, you may get another glimpse of why on Earth I am busy with something exciting all the time, just check out my website Ildiko Berecz.

Whether it was a short stop, or you keep returning to follow my work, I do hope you enjoy my aromatic essays, photographs, and other sharings! If you are here to express your appreciation and support my work, You can now buy me a coffee, a cup of tea or a nice book!

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