Hello beautiful people!

Hope all is well with you these days and you are spending less of your time behind a mask! I must admit that I'm still getting used to walking into the grocery store "unmasked" even though I make use of the sanitized wipes they give us to clean off the shopping carts 😀

Today, I'm sharing this video from the Streamyard YouTube channel for two reasons.

  1. You may be a Streamyard user and find the tips in the video helpful

  2. I want to get your feedback on the video's thumbnail

Apparently Streamyard is A/B testing the thumbnails for this video and I'd love to know which one you think is more "clickable".

Pink or Green?

Let me know what you think!

PS: If you ever want to A/B test your YouTube Thumbnails, you can use TubeBuddy [click here for a 1:38 tutorial].

Stay beautiful,

~Ms. Ileane