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Hey 👋 I'm a self-taught developer and I love watching speed coding videos and see how things are built-in timelapse video effects and I was inspired by Devon Crawford Video which he makes a script to automate his video editing process and it's built it with C and FFmpeg after that I come up with an idea for a cross-platform desktop app using Node js and FFmpeg

I built Marketplace to document my journey as newbie indie maker and self-taught developer for my #12SideProjectsIn3Months Challenge

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Fajar Siddiq
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Thank you Ilias for the turorial @ open source! 🥳😍✨👍 i wish you success in your indiemaker journey & much love from Singapore 🇸🇬❤️ -

Michael M.
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Love Makerlapse! Keep it up.

Thank you so much for your support and feedback ❤️