Transcribed a content created by Joseph Alai on YouTube discussing about freewill and I added details on some parts aligned to his message. Hope this post resonates and clicks something within you.

No one has freewill.

In your world, everyone is acting out as your projection. Everyone is you pushed out. Everything is created in the image of you. Whatever exists in your assumption or imagination will be expressed and will come into your awareness. 

You’re not creating a jumble of things in your mind. These things in your imagination literally are dimensions that already exist. Imagination is where we are selecting the state that we desire to experience. If you can picture something in your mind consciously or unconsciously (negative or positive, out of love or fear), then it is possible for you to experience it because it already exist. Our existence is made up of infinite dimensions. 

We are the projection of God/Supreme Consciousness/Higher Intelligence/Higher Power and in us, we project what we want to see. However, we can’t see the way how Supreme Consciousness sees. We only see one dimension at a time. And so, in order for us to see that dimension in reality, we use what Supreme Consciousness has designed for us, the power that is gifted to us to get us to the end: 

through imagination (visualization) and feeling our desires are already fulfilled most importantly, in first person point of you

This is the true sense of prayer and meditation. It’s not an act where we beg out of lack and desperation, but a practice, a mastery where we assume that our desires are already done in faith.

The way that manifestation unfolds is not up to you. Every desire has its own appointed hour. When you try to micromanage the “how”, all you’re doing is creating more obstacles and your limiting the possibilities of the Supreme Consciousness. Because we only have a one-track mind literally. We cannot be in two places in our consciousness at once. But, the Supreme Consciousness sees all of it at once. All of it from the beginning to the end. Every possibility that already existed and will ever exist. Because, the Supreme Consciousness is THE MIND that created all the possibilities. We are created in the image of Supreme Consciousness, a projection, which means if Supreme Consciousness could create possibilities, then you share the same power to create your own. That’s why we’re supposed to only use our mind to create what we want and only imagine the end. You are The Alpha (beginning, birth of desire, the creator) and The Omega (end, fulfillment of desire, the realizer) of your own world. When we do this, the trajectory that we are placed on is not up to us, but IT IS CERTAIN.

Anything is possible.

Stay in the end. Assume your desires fulfilled and you will reach the end.