Buy I Love Communities a coffee


Hey 👋 

I Love Communities is the brainchild of founder Wendy Green, inspired by and grown from the love of her village. Supporting the community, local groups and businesses.

Thousands of people within our community rely on us for support, neighbourhood alerts, lost pets, lost and found, roadworks, flood alerts, and community news and updates.

We do all of these things free of charge for those in our community, but this is a cost to business, as my team must to be paid for the work they do. We are self funded and rely on local businesses and community groups to advertise with us and we are so grateful for those that do support us, but the last few years have been tough for all of us and a lot of businesses just don't have the budget anymore.

If we are of value to you or have helped you over the last few years, we'd really appreciate a contribution. However big or small it WILL make a difference to our team, and will enable us to continue to bring the same level of community news and support that we currently provide. ❤️

You can now buy me a coffee and secure our 'I Love' future ❤️