These photos were taken at a recent March dawn/sunrise that also coincided with the Super Moon in Virgo. I love this time of day, and I really enjoy photography. This particular place is one of my favourites in the world. Luckily it's also close to home. There is something mesmerising at dawn when light and shadow interact. The two dance together in beauty, as colours constantly change until the sun finally rises to a point where the shadow disappears for a few hours, until it dances again with the sun at dusk. Seems we are, as a collective of humans, dancing in the shadows and light at the moment. It's a looking inward time as we grapple with some heavy things out of our control. But just like the sunrise, eventually the shadow makes way for some light, and perhaps in that stillness time when we've been forced to hang out with our shadows, we'll all see ourselves and others in a brighter light. Wishing you much love and kindness in the shadow and the light. xxoo Lynette