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Preparedness Tip #37 - Scarcity

Jun 14, 2022

Economics by definition is the study of society's allocation of scarce resources. If there was enough for everyone to have whatever they wanted, then well, none of this would be necessary. If you feel like you're chasing the next thing, always one step behind the influencer crowd or using the previous generation of products, scarcity is real. It's the foundation of FOMO, act now or you might just miss out. Or limited availability in retail marketing, move now or you will miss out. You are fed this narrative. But your preparedness superpower is that white space planning you add to your calendar to consider options. Your preparedness plan considers all you need to continue to conduct your normal lives irrespective of disruptions in the normal order, hence you are already thinking beyond FOMO, so don't be drawn into the argument of scarcity. Plan, determine what you need to meet your plan, make a plan to acquire, then sit back and watch the world spin

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