This is the reaction episode to the latest viral video about the unpaid food package worth 18k to 19k. 

I have been in the food industry for quite some time both local and overseas, and the food industry is struggling as we hit these global challenges. This is my little way of sharing and educating people on how to handle a guest complaint. I discuss a few pointers on how to handle a guest complaint and some thoughts and analogies of why pork makes you dumb. 

This is educational content and there is no defamation implied nor any context that may mislead the community or any human being. I include some of the best practices in a restaurant setting that may help other food businesses deal with their customer in a professional manner.


“dili ta dapat mu ingon na.. sala ba diay nako maam na dakog kaon ang imohang bisita.”

“asa ang chicken cordon bleu?”  “asa ang resibo?”


 “dapat sad ta mu supporta sa mga gagmay na negosyante”. “mag ka sinabot na gani tas presyo. Bayri nalang na”


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