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AnotherPomodoro v1.2 is out!

May 30, 2022

Export/import your settings and see how much you've spent over the current timer!

This is an only seemingly small release as two great new features have just landed. One of the requested features was to be able to export and import the app's settings. This is now doable as there is a "Save" and a "Load" button to download and import your settings and tasks into the app. Clicking the save button gives you a download with a JSON file that you can later re-import into the application (on another device, for example).

The other big new feature is time tracking beyond the timer. Not everyone will finish their task exactly at the 25-minute mark, but it might be motivating to see how much extra time you spent working or watching memes. This is now possible as timers will show the amount of extra time spent on the current section, adding even more flexibility to the application.

For newcomers there is also a new welcome dialog and the release includes some smaller bug fixes as well.

Check out the app at https://another-pomodoro.app, or see the full changelog here.

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