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TODO-list coming to AnotherPomodoro

TODO-list coming to AnotherPomodoro

Jan 01, 2021

It might be easier to work on something when you see the task written in front of you. So there we have it, there will soon be a task list in the app and adhering to the app's principles (customization), you can turn it off entirely.

The feature list

  • add different tasks for work, short breaks and long breaks - so you can remind yourself to watch a video or read an article during your pause

  • add descriptions to tasks for more details

  • change priorities of tasks (indicated by the number, can be changed using the arrow buttons) - higher priorities go to the top

  • tasks have three states: inactive (empty circle), active (full circle) and complete (full circle with checkmark)

  • inactive or completed tasks can be deleted (active ones cannot, requiring you to explicitly tell the app - and yourself! - that you don't want to work on that task)

  • only shows relevant tasks (that are active and should be shown in the current section)

  • only shows the top n tasks: eg. if you have 5 active tasks for work, only the top 3 will be shown during work - if you delete a completed task, the next one will scroll into view. That n will be customizable as well

  • tasks can only be edited while the timer is stopped (not running/paused/completed), ie. before you start a section

How do I use it?

  • before starting your section, add the tasks you want to work on and set them as active (= I'll work on them now) or inactive (= I'll work on them later). Here you cannot mark a task as complete - you can delete it though if you marked it as inactive

  • while in a section (eg. the work timer is running) you can only see your activated tasks and can only toggle between the active and complete states (= you can mark or unmark a task as completed). You can still delete completed tasks, but tasks cannot be inactivated nor can their priorities be changed. To be able to focus on fewer tasks at once, you'll only see your top n tasks

Remaining work

In one big sentence: the task list cannot be disabled at the moment (settings not plugged in yet), I want to add an "edit mode" toggle and a "minimize" button to the window, the back-end for storing the tasks needs to be refactored (there's some copy-paste logic in there ☹), the tasks have to be stored across sessions (like the settings) and the design needs a little bit more polish and text needs to be localized. It might also be disabled by default, we'll see.

BUT it's almost done. Almost.

In typical software development fashion, I did not manage to pull out a 1.0 release for the 1st of January, but once the task list is in (it will bump the version number to 0.8 as a few tasks remain) I'll begin promoting the app and the repository will finally go open-source. Then we'll see when I can finish that 1.0.

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