Feeling lost? Don't know what to do? The angels heard the news & this is what they have to say for you:

We know you didn't have it easy growing up. There were challenges. You searched hard for a sense of belonging & nothing seemed to fill that hole. Despite all you went through you always found a way forward. You may feel that you had to grow up too quickly & abandon your innocence in order to survive.

Understand that when you reflect, review, & release events from your childhood, you are letting go of energy that is holding you back & the next phase of your life will be supported. This is not about forgetting about your upbringing, but about sending Love to your inner child to assure them that you made it through the struggles & it helped shape the incredible person you are today.

Your inner child is the part of your psyche that represents your childhood. It may be uncomfortable revisiting these memories, so make sure to ask for support if you need it while healing this part of you. Crystals, time with friends, journaling, & getting out in nature could be helpful to you while embarking this journey.

Your Guardian Angels are wrapping their loving arms around you right now. Feel their Love. You are being encouraged to see the world through the eyes of a child. There is so much wonder for you. Discover, adventure, have some fun. Do things you enjoyed as a child. Express yourself. Be Free.

Your Soul Family is going to start showing up for you, if it hasn't already. Lean into loving friendships & connections. Spend time with others. Gather, create, & celebrate.

A large part of the Collective has been feeling disconnected. Some are afraid. Some of you are hesitant to trust anyone right now. Do not concern yourself with friendships that have been falling away. There is a bigger purpose for this. Ask your Angel Team to step in and shine the light on the people with good intentions. Do not isolate yourself because of others foolish behavior. Seek out like-minded people to connect & share your thoughts with.

Let the light in & enjoy it. All is your hard work is paying off. Any opportunities you've been pondering about are getting a "green light" from the Angels. The "Right Time" is now. Relax & experience the Joy that is unfolding for you now.

Do Not Hold Back. 🙏 Rise Up. ⏫ Fly High. 🧚‍♀️ Light Up. ✨ Enjoy. 💜 The Time is Now. 🕙 Express Yourself. 💯 Experience. 🐉Share. 😍Achieve. 🤘 Proceed. ‼️

Deck Used: The Angel Guide Oracle by Kyle Gray

Have A Beautiful Day 🙏🐉💯💚💗✨

-Gloria aka The In2itiveGoddess 🔮❤