These are paid resources, the good thing is they do have free trials so you can see for yourself before you commit to anything, for the best research sometimes you have to pay, but there are also lots of other free research tools I will link to in this section.

Stockopedia (click the link for a 2 week free trial)
My main go to site to research all my stocks, has a wealth of information, interactive user forum, awesome SCVR (Small Cap Value Report) written daily by the legend that is Paul Scott, it full of information to help you make informed decisions on stock selection, has their own proprietary StockRank scores to guide you away from the losers and point you towards the winners, couldn’t trade successfully without it, so easy!

This is a platform I use daily looking at charts and indicators to see how my investments and potential investments are performing (I will be posting on what I look for in future posts), but it is mainly support, resistance, ema’s and MACD, if you don’t know what this all means, don’t worry, all will be explained as we grow together.

Similar to Stockopedia, but can include live prices, Level 2 (don’t worry that’s coming too) global stocks, funds, ETF’s, Crypto and so much more, at a price, but worth every penny, and like my substack posts, should pay for itself

Forex Signals
For all things Forex (Foreign Exchange Trading), one of the best educational sites around for learning about this topic, live access to the Mentors, particularly like Andrew and Max who share their trades, ideas and strategies, I learned so much from them.

These are the main research and educational sites I use all the time

The next posts will cover other resources and invaluable books