Just a short post/rant

I don’t get it, I took the photograph below this morning and also posted it on my Instagram here

I don’t understand it on many levels, it was 7:45am on a sunny Friday morning, people had just left home on the way to work…so far so good, now either everyone’s kettle had broken, or it is habit, or a status symbol to carry a branded coffee cup with you, but the queue was massive, all burning fuel, paying for (in my opinion) over-priced coffee

Even at £3.00 per day, that’s £500.00 per year, I bought a share the other day and as an example if I had bought only £500.00 it would give me over £35.00 a year free money as dividends.

Now you may think that is not a lot, and you would be right, but if you did that for 10 years all things being equal that would be £5K having earned £350.00 and you would still have the investment, and if you compounded it, the figure would be even more at £8,218.39 and you would have earned £2,718.39

Don’t start, I know that is 10 years away, but if you don’t start you won’t get there, and don’t start me on takeaways and buying lunch everyday

Enjoy your coffee……..