Glad I found this one

Glad I found this one

May 23, 2022

What a dividend!

One of the things I enjoy doing is researching companies to see what my next investment is going to be, and today I found the one below, amazing when the time is right and I have concluded my research as detailed on here, then I reckon a 16% dividend yield is not to be ignored, first thing to check is the dividend history and do they have enough free cashflow to continue paying it.

I know it’s a boring company, but I like those, nice, steady and needed, just like my kettle control company called Strix who make the controllers that turn kettles off when they boil, another nice dividend and growth with that too.

A quick workout on numbers just for fun the shares at close today (Monday 23rd May 2022) were £0.345p so if I purchased £1,000 worth I would own 2,898 shares or simply put I would earn £160 on my £1,000 investment of course things could change, the yield could go up, down or be cancelled, but this is the sort of thing you are trying to find out doing research.

Plus there could also be capital growth, and of course you could re-invest the dividends to make even more.

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