This simple plan will help you grow your audience, and keep you active on Instagram by completing simple tasks throughout each month.

Daily Tasks

  • Comment under posts from fellow artists

  • Upload at least one story

  • Reach out to at least 3 new people

  • Leave a comment under a hashtag of your niche (indieartist, musician etc.)

Weekly Tasks

  • Post at least one carousel or reel

  • Post at least one poll

  • Talk to some of the people you just got to know, catch up with them

  • Post at least one story supporting one fellow artist (or @indiefferential, just kidding)

Monthly Tasks

  • Use insights to find out what is the best time/day to post

  • Find out what really worked in the past month and what posts are doing good

  • Find out which of your hashtags are the most popular

Try this plan for one month and share your results with us.