You're an Artist, Not an Entrepreneur

You're an Artist, Not an Entrepreneur

Oct 24, 2021

Sometimes we get caught up in the technical side of music making and many artists begin to neglect the creative procedure of their music focusing on sales, numbers and audience engagement.

It's easy to feel like you neglect your music for likes, shares and active fans. Many new artists believe that in order to succeed in music you have to be some kind of music business guru and analyze every single like you get. This is mostly wrong since you don't have to worry too much about all that stuff.

Don't think too much about social media content

It is important to look at your likes and Instagram insights to know when's the best time to post and what people like on your profile but you don't need to focus on that. Making music and sharing what you created with people around the world has to be the main goal of music-making. Artists tend to forget that "content" means nothing without music. Instagram content has to be those behind-the-scenes moments your fans and friends want to see. People would love to see what you used to get that awesome sound on your latest single and see your home studio where you are drinking a cup of tea.

Create music and content at the same time

Think of content creation as something to accompany your main release and music without thinking too much about metrics and data. We're here to make and share music not create content for people who don't really care. You could try recording a song and have your camera rolling. All these still shots of you just recording or even getting up to get some water make great content for your fans.

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