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Hi, I am Indiran. Interested in finer aspects of Life. Engineer by profession, left career early to  ponder over the nuances of Life. I have a website on Spirituality, answer in Quora about spirituality and YouTube videos on Spirituality.

I like Travel also. Solo ride or some mild trekking.

Here I will try to bring you more  videos with your help. Spirituality with stress on the path of Knowledge or Gnana. And some photos of my travel

‘Vettaveli’ is the infinite consciousness described by Tamil Siddhas by that name. They also called it ‘Kaduveli’, ‘Peruveli’, etc.,

What is life?

Consciousness is permanent. What one is always aware is that one is "conscious" - actually one is "consciousness". "I am" not in the sense of ego of "I am this" or I am that" but just "I am" that is consciousness. The consciousness is always there, from the birth to death.

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