Contradictions in reality

Sep 25, 2023

The reality as we see, is full of contradictions. That is because of the duality. Opposite exists and it is together. One human's good is another human's bad, one's happiness is another's sadness, you go for development, you create destruction and pollution of nature. The contradiction stops only when you understand the non-dual element behind the apparent duality.

Osho ~ The First Principle

Whenever you come across a contradiction, watch very carefully. There is bound to be something of great significance. Never avoid contradictions because life is contradictory. Life exists through the tension of contradiction. So whenever you come across a contradiction you are very close to the source of life. Let that be always remembered.

The ordinary reaction is, whenever you come across a contradiction you start trying to solve it, start finding explanations for it, or start dropping it into the unconscious so you need not worry about it. You start doing something about it immediately the moment you feel some contradiction, because you have been taught to live non-contradictorily. You have been taught a very dangerous thing. Nobody can live non-contradictorily. If you want to live, you have to live through contradiction, as contradiction.

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