Kaagabusundar – The Crow.
The legend;
Once five brothers, student of the Bogar Siddha went into the forest of Sathuragiri hill to see Kaagabusundar. One day the youngest went in search of food and got a jack fruit. Since he was hungry he started eating it. The fruit was poisoned and soon he swooned. Before becoming unconscious he wrote in the sand, warning his brothers, that the fruit is poisoned. His brothers who came afterwards saw his plight and immediately took him to Kaagabusundar. The Siddha gave some medicinal leaves (naagadhaali) and their brother was saved.

Legend is that he was turned into a crow by a saint in Himalayas since he doubted the master’s teachings. His wife is Baguladevi .

o   The one Brahmam (universal consciousness) manifests as various,

Dancing in different forms;

Good, bad and all the many,

Named as the Sun and the Moon;

The Hill and the many reptiles;

Designated as the master and the disciple.

Worship that good one, the source of all things.

o   Leaving out desire, self-respect,

Forgetting mother, relations;

concentrating on the infinite space

Closing the nine apertures of the body

The five senses become divine.

If you have achieved silence, does it matter

whether you are in the country or forest?

Your desires will be fulfilled, and you will live long.

The lamp lit inside the house will shine and

the one on the open will be extinguished.

So, search the infinite inside you

And not in the outside world.

o   The stable witness of all.

Transcending the properties.

That which cannot be seen

by the eye and the mind.

That which is inside all living things.

Which cannot be measured.

It is the seer, (the process of) seeing and the (object) seen.

o   The attachments to the family

will leave you; Being attached

to the objects will not bring the happiness.

You will attain realization (Gnana)

when you reach the state of Turya (pure consciousness);

Meditate until you understand this. When the

human character (thoughts) does not occur

in your mind then you will realize. 

o   If you realize Brahmam (consciousness) then

the cause and effect will leave you,

the traces of the mind will leave

on its own, Realization is the vanishing of

the hidden mental delusion. By initiation into this

you will see the world, universe, the parts,

the relationships, the creation, maintenance and

destruction: Whatever you see is nothing but

the ultimate, the Brahmam (consciousness).

o   It is not difficult to realize

the supreme consciousness.

Meditate and tie the mind

with the rope of sacred scriptures.

Do the yoga and remember masters’

Teachings, then the Brahman will

reveal itself to you. You need not

wander in search afterwards, even if

you wander, there will not be any ego.

o   Because of the yogic practice

one will attain the (pure)consciousness

in the infinite space. The ego called the ‘me’

will vanish. The intelligence will never

leave the consciousness. What the mind has

transcended is from the form to the formless.

I have attained the supreme which

is beyond the day and the night.