Today 19th August 2022, is Krishna Janmashtami or Gokulashtami, the birth day of Krishna, the eternal player.

Two things immediately comes to our mind, the infant Krishna eating the butter out of mud pot and getting reprimanded by his mother. Then of course the delivering of the Bhagavad Gita.

To most Hindus and some others who are interested in spirituality or little bit serious about the Truth of Life starts with Gita. Your search can end there also, because it contains all the Truth.

Krishna's life is full of miracles, yet ordinary in a way. He did all the things yet he was unattached. He was playful but never childish. Mature yet playful, that is the greatest lesson one can learn from Krishna.

It is estimated, Krishna was born 5252 years ago. Krishna was dark skinned. He always stood for the justice. Stood with Pandavas for the Truth, but gave opportunities to the enemies, the Kauravas also. He was always just. Krishna though believed as God, was placed in the community of Gokula. Despite being the son of a chief, he grew up in an ordinary cow-herding community. He has to go through hardships throughout his life. His life was full of miracles yet in a way ordinary. He always lived in the present, always playful, taking life as 'leela', the play. That is the lesson one should take from this life. Life is a play, play it fair.

The lessons from Krishna's life,

1. Selfless love.

2. Always be there for your fellow men.

3. Live in the present.

4. Life is a game but play it fair, you have nothing to loose.

Today is a day of celebration, celebration of life.

Krishna says to Arjuna over and over: “I am the Self in the heart of every creature, Arjuna, and the beginning, middle, and end of their existence” (10:20). - Gita