Tomorrow never comes.

“The word procrastination derives from Latin word procrastinat- “deferred until tomorrow”, from the verb procrastinare, from pro-“forward” plus crastinus “belonging to tomorrow”

………..The root cause of  procrastination, has been shown to be partially genetic in some cases, yet has many environmental and attitudinal influences……………….people tend to procrastinate less with repeated practice……………….Procrastinators tend to be impulsive, distractible, and lacking in self-control………………. “  ---  (International Journal of Psychological Studies)

“……..Religions are always postponing life: they are giving you beautiful illusions about life somewhere in the future, far away, beyond death. That is a strategy to divert and distract you from the realities of life…………..” If life is miserable today there is nothing to be worried about, tomorrow everything is going to be well. In fact, to suffer life today is a preparation for enjoying life tomorrow, so the more you suffer the better………” Karl Marx is almost right: that religion is nothing but opium for the people. It keeps you drugged, it keeps you hoping, waiting – and the tomorrow never comes………..” Desiring, fantasizing about life after death is a sheer waste of time, energy, and also it keeps you stupid. Life is here now – there is no other life. Life knows no past, no future, it knows only the present……………….. “            ------- (Osho)             

“…………. if I am greedy today, envious today, tomorrow I'll be greedy and envious unless something happens now. It is very important that something happen now. So can I change, mutate, now? ……. Two and a half million years ago we were barbarous. We are still barbarous; wanting power, position, killing each other, envious, comparing, all that. You've put me this challenge: All time is now. ……….. I say to myself: My god, if I don't change now, tomorrow will be the same, or a thousand tomorrows. ……………………..“
“………The sannyasi said, in the course of a serious talk, that he was preparing himself for his next life. …………….. His whole interest and vitality lay in his conviction that he was to be something in his next life…………….”
“ …………….The now has greater significance than the tomorrow. In the now is all time, and to understand the now is to be free of time. Becoming is the continuation of time, of sorrow. Becoming does not contain being. Being is always in the present, and being is the highest form of transformation. Becoming is merely modified continuity, and there is radical transformation only in the present, in being. ………………”      -------- (J.K)

Live Today, Fly Tomorrow     (Osho)

 A king became very angry with his prime minister for certain reasons and sentenced him to death. It was the custom of that country that whenever a person was going to be crucified, the king himself used to come and see him. He was going to be crucified in the evening, so the king came in the morning. He came on his beautiful horse.
The prisoner could see the horse outside the window. The king came in, and the prisoner started crying.
The king said, “Are you afraid of death?”
And the prime minister said, “No, I am not crying because of my death, I am crying because of the horse!”
When I was young I lived with an alchemist. I learned from him the art of teaching a horse to fly. But only a certain kind of horse can be taught. I have been looking for that special kind of horse my whole life and today you have brought the horse! I am crying because my long apprenticeship with the alchemist, has gone in vain! Now I will be dying in great turmoil.
The king became very enchanted with the idea that the horse could fly. If it were possible then he would be the only king in the whole world whose horse could fly! He said, “How long will it take to teach the horse?”
The man said, “Only one year.”
The king said, “Okay, I trust you. I give you one year! If you can teach the horse to fly, not only will you be released from this sentence of death but you will get half my kingdom also. And if the horse cannot fly, of course, after one year you will be killed, so there is nothing for me to lose.”
The prime minister took the horse and went home. His family asked , “What has happened? Have you escaped from the prison?”
The prime minister laughed and said, “Let me tell you the whole story!” He told the whole story.
The wife started crying even more loudly. She said, “I know that this is absolutely false. You don’t know any art, you have never been an apprentice to any alchemist. Now this will be even harder for us. This whole year I will have to suffer now!”
The prime minister said, “In one year anything can happen. The king can die, I can die, the horse can die! Everything is possible. One year is long enough — much is possible. And I am free. Don’t be worried!”
And the end of the story is unbelievable: all three died!
Moral of the Story – Seize the Day, putting as little trust as possible in the future.