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Ineptech is a Very Large and Serious Technology Company.

Hi, I'm Nick. You're probably here because you were amused by one of the "products" made by Ineptech, which is the "company" under which I put out silly stuff I build in my spare time. This currently includes:

  • The Ineptech site, a parody that you may find amusing if you work in enterprise software
  • Wall Mirror, a free-and-open-source Android app you can use to make a cool-looking smart mirror. ~20k installs, 150 stars on github. Even after two years I love having this on my wall and you should consider making one!
  • Word Nazi, a not-free-nor-open-source-and-also-quite-dirty party game android app with *tens* of downloads 
If you enjoyed one or more of these and would like to buy me a coffee, I'd appreciate it!