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Hey 👋 I just created a page here. You can now buy me a beer! My partner and I create unusual travel photography/stories in order to inspire other travelers.

We are not average travel bloggers. First, we are not that young anymore. I am in my fifties, whereas The Viking is sixty-ish. We want to prove that at our age, you can still experience a lot of adventures. So far, we have photographed wild horses in Denmark, tasted wine in Moldova, hugged cows in Belgium, and crossed the Gorafe desert in Spain. And a lot more!

Moreover, we both have mental health problems. I am autistic, yet, I lead a very fulfilling life. Let us show you!

Last but not least, although we sometimes travel to touristic locations, we do prefer off the beaten path destinations. There is always something to experience, no matter where you go!

Even when you can't afford to buy me a beer, you can support the website, by a simple follow, like and share. We have many travel memories to share, but we want to continue making new ones!


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