➤ The Stadia Pro Game Monitor can also display Ubisoft+ Games on Stadia.

With the Stadia release of Assassin's Creed: Black Flag on September 13th 2021, this game has now also been added to the Ubisoft+ subscription available there.

Some insights:

  • With a Metascore of 88, the game is the best rated Ubisoft+ game on Stadia.

  • With an average playtime of 23h for the main story (60h for completion), it is the shortest of all Assassin's Creed Games on Stadia.

  • It is the first Assassin's Creed game on Stadia to run at 60 fps, even at 4K resolution.

  • It is only the 3rd Ubisoft+ game added to the subscription within 2021 (1. Scott Pilgrim in January 2021; 2. Rainbow Six Siege in June 2021).

This results in now 22 Ubisoft+ Game since December 2020 (21 outside the US/UK, as Family Feud is only available there).

Have fun with the Data!